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Julia Roberts found the perfect way to pay tribute to her friend and frequent co-star.

On Sunday, the actress attended the annual Kennedy Center Honors, where George Clooney was among the year’s honourees, along with U2, Gladys Knight, Tania León and Amy Grant.

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To show her love for Clooney, with whom she has co-starred in six movies, Roberts decided to make her outfit one big tribute.

Photo: Greg Allen/Invision/AP
Photo: Greg Allen/Invision/AP

Along with a simple black blazer, Roberts wore a black dress featuring printed with framed portraits of Clooney from various films, TV shows and public appearances over the decades.

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Roberts and Clooney first met while working together in 2000 on “Ocean’s Eleven” and told Jimmy Kimmel all about it earlier this fall.

“We became instant friends,” she recalled. “You know, you just meet people and sometimes you think, ‘I really don’t like that person. I have no reason to not like them. I don’t like them, and I will never change my mind.’ And then there are some people, like my GTC, who you go, ‘OK, I’m going to know this person until the end of time. This is a good one.’”

They most recently starred together in the romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise”.


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