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Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s promotional spree is genuinely a “Ticket To Paradise.”

The co-stars are taking the world by storm with their warm camaraderie and recently, Roberts revealed to the world how she has saved Clooney’s cell number on her phone. YouTuber Jake Hamilton on “Jake’s Takes”, during their promotional visit, asked the pair what their contact in each other’s phones looked like.

George Clooney Says He Won’t Let Wife Amal Watch ‘Batman & Robin’

“There’s no picture, but George is in my phone under the code name ‘Batman Cell,’” Roberts said. “Now I have to change it.” Clooney added, “And mine’s ‘Pretty Woman’ — it’s not, but I just tried. I’m literally lying about that. I don’t put ‘Julia Roberts’ because if my phone gets picked up then all hell breaks loose,” he added. “I think it’s just ‘JR’ or something like that.”

Clooney played the eponymous superhero in the Joel Schumacher-directed “Batman & Robin”. The 1997 film was panned by critics and cinephiles alike.

Last year, during an interview with Variety, Amal Clooney revealed that the actor won’t let her and their twins (Ella and Alexander) watch “Batman & Robin”, to which he said, “There are certain films I just go, ‘I want my wife to have some respect for me.’”

Roberts and Clooney have co-starred in movies such as “Ocean’s Eleven”, “Ocean’s 12” and “Money Monster”.


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