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Julia Fox has some bold new advice for her fellow moms.

Speaking with E!News, the model shared her thoughts on what she saw as an injustice when it came to expectations for career women.

“I always resented the fact that when women have children, they suddenly become that child’s mom,” she explained. “You need to choose you sometimes.”

Fox’s take on mothers prioritizing themselves more was that it would lead them to become better caretakers for their children.

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“You need to be the best version of yourself. If you’re making all these sacrifices and, in turn, you’re miserable, then that shows,” she said. “You project that onto your child and you don’t even realize you’re doing it.”

The 32-year-old believed it was important for kids to know “mom has her own life and her own things,” adding, “I think a lot of children don’t really take what their moms do as a professional as seriously. That needs to end.”

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While Fox believed this was important advice, she also knew that her own fellow mothers already understood how important it was to have a life outside of their family.

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“Moms always get it,” the model admitted. “When I say these things, a lot of people don’t understand or they’ll judge me, but when I talk to a mother, she knows exactly what I’m talking about.”

She believed that it’s important for moms to have their own lives going on, but Fox also revealed that focusing on herself sometimes meant choosing her children anyway.

“That’s the thing,” she said, “You’ll never, ever regret choosing your child. It’s just the highest bliss and it makes you feel whole.”

The most important thing for the model was to stress how important it was for moms to support each other.

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“For the new moms, you have to ask for help,” she said. “Us women, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. And we do it alone, we suck it up. Don’t hold it all inside. We’re so conditioned to take the high road and walk away gracefully. No, f–k that. We need to reclaim our power and break free of the conditioning that has been done to us as women.”


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