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John Mayer is asking for a huge favour from his fans.

The musician, who hails from Park County, Montana, is urging fans to visit Yellowstone Park as his hometown is located near the site and relies on tourism in its economy. The national park is currently closed due to flooding in the area.

He took to Instagram to encourage people to visit the area despite the park’s closure.

He began his post, “Last Monday, June 13, historic flooding of Montana’s Yellowstone River took place, damaging homes, and as you’ve probably seen, closing parts of Yellowstone National Park.”

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“Park County, where I’ve lived for over a decade, resides just north of a major entrance to the park. The community thrives on tourism, doing most of its business for the year during the summer months that attracts tourists to the area,” Mayer said of his hometown. “Because of the park closure, hotels in the area have seen 50-70% cancellations, as would-be visitors have opted to make other plans.”

He continued, “Though the park is closed, other incredible landmarks and businesses remain open for business, and the area is safe, beautiful and still well worth visiting.”

A carousel of images of beautiful landscapes and local sites accompanied the post, including photos of the singer enjoying the area.

The 44-year-old asked that fans who had previously booked tickets to see the park consider continuing with their plans as there are still many great landmarks to explore in the area. If that wasn’t enough, he also promised he had some events he was cooking up.

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“I will be there after this tour is over and I look forward to seeing you there. I am planning some really amazing events that you won’t want to miss,” added Mayer. “I’ll be sharing more of what this incredible community has to offer, and you’ll see for yourself just why I fell in love with the place.”

He concluded his post by sharing information for those who would like to donate to the relief efforts of victims of the flooding in the area.

Yellowstone Park entrances were closed on June 14 following record rainfall in the area which caused flooding, rockslides, and other hazards.


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