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John Krasinski can do his own stunts.

In a conversation with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, the actor talked about the experience of being thrown out of a helicopter for “Jack Ryan” season 3.

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Asked about the most intense scenes to shoot, Krasinski said, “The action sequences are the most intense to shoot, but not the hardest, because you always know that it’s for a good reason. I mean, you can always sense what it’s going to be. Everybody takes it very seriously. It’s well thought out.”

He continued, “They’re probably the longest things to shoot for those tiny little moments in the show. A whole lot of prep goes into it, a whole lot of many, many people’s hard work. And then you just hope you don’t get injured while you’re doing it.”

He then revealed which action sequence stood out in particular.

“The craziest one was I am thrown out of a Blackhawk helicopter,” he said. “It’s in the trailer, so I’m not giving too much away.”

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Krasinski then revealed that the helicopter stunt was not even originally planned for him at all.

“And that was not supposed to be me. The stunt guys in the morning had done five or six takes and done a great job, and it was one of our ex-Navy SEALs who were lucky enough to have consultants from the CIA, from the military. And he said, ‘It would be a lot cooler if you did it,’” the actor recalled. “And I said, ‘How would that work?’ And he said, ‘Well, how it would work is if I just unbuckled your seatbelt and threw you out right now.’ And he did it right then and there on the show.”

The actor jokingly added, “His name is Kevin Kent, and he should be in jail.”


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