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Joe Jonas is spilling secrets.

The musician was strapped to a lie detector for Vanity Fair‘s lie detector test interview.  He was tested on his opinions of his brothers, the trustworthiness of ballerinas and his relationships.

Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner secretly married in 2019, just after the finale of “Game of Thrones” aired. Their first wedding was conducted in secret in Las Vegas and they did their best to prevent any leaks to the public — but DJ Diplo, who was in attendance, livestreamed moments from the secret ceremony.

When asked whether he was “angry” with Diplo at the time, Jonas said “yes,” but denied he was still angry with the DJ.

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As for whether Diplo was trustworthy, the musician had some doubts.

“Wow, with weddings? Probably not,” he admitted. “In general, I think he can be trusted.”

The tea didn’t stop spilling there, however, as he was also asked about who he thought the “best-looking” Jonas brother was.

“Oh god, I’ll go with Franklin Jonas, the youngest brother,” he answered — which the lie detector revealed to be an “inconclusive” response.

What Jonas was sure about, however, was where he stood with his brothers in musical talent.

He admitted he has the biggest vocal range between his musically talented siblings, but when it comes to songwriting he conceded the crown to Nick.

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When the conversation about the height difference between him and Turner came up, he shared some cute teasing between them.

“Me and my wife have this debate for a long time now that I like to make her mad by making her think that we’re actually the same height,” he said. “‘Cause we’re pretty close it when we’re not wearing shoes.”

Currently the happy couple are looking forward to welcoming their second child together; They already share 1-year-old Willa Jonas.


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