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Jessica Chastain is revealing the victim of her best prank: James McAvoy.

The two worked together on “Dark Phoenix” which released in 2019. It was also the perfect opportunity for Chastain to concoct her masterpiece of a prank.

The actress, who has a bit of a wild side, spoke on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” about how important choosing the right target is for a joke.

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“You gotta really plan who to prank,” she laughed. “I just also worked with Michael Shannon — probably not the guy to prank.”

“Dark Phoenix” Director Simon Kinberg helped Chastain with her plan, coordinating it with the crew. It occurred during a stunt with McAvoy being lifted into the air with wires.

“The director said, ‘Okay, final take, please do it again.’ So they lift him up and he’s acting, you know, like he’s being lifted by this magic,” she continued. “And all of a sudden, the ‘Macarena’ starts playing, and the guys who were holding the wires were having him dance the Macarena. There’s no topping it. I think it was the best.”

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McAvoy seemed to take it in good nature and even “leaned in” to the joke, she recalled, “At one point, ’cause he was at the top of the stairs, he grabbed me and lifted me off the ground.”

That moment was the cue for Chastain to end the prank as she said, “And that’s when I was like, ‘Oh, yeah yeah, no no. We gotta stop ’cause I could now get hurt,’ He was good fun.”


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