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Lisa Kudrow recalled a run-in she had with Jerry Seinfeld where the actor claimed he played a part in the success of “Friends”.

It happened at an event in the ’90s, in which the two former sitcom stars both attended. Seinfeld teased Kudrow about how his show “Seinfeld” boosted “Friends”‘ profile. At the time, both shows were part of NBC’s ultra-popular Must See TV primetime comedy lineup.

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“I remember going to some party and Jerry Seinfeld was there, and I said, ‘Hi,’ and he said, ‘You’re welcome,’” the actress recalled in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. “I said, ‘Why, thank you … what?’”

Seinfeld then replied, “You’re on after us in the summer, and you’re welcome,” Kudrow said.

Back then, “Friends”‘ first season aired after the Helen Hunt/Paul Reiser sitcom “Mad About You”. However, Kudrow noted it wasn’t until the summer of 1995 when the beloved series really “exploded” after NBC played the show’s season 1 reruns right after “Seinfeld”, which was then a big hit, well into its sixth season.

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Kudrow continued the story, sharing her response to Seinfeld: “That’s exactly right. Thank you.”

Even today, the 59-year-old “Friends” alum still acknowledges that the comedian had a point.

“Not to take anything away from the writing on ‘Friends’, or the cast, or how good ‘Friends’ really was,” she said, “but the first season our ratings were just fine.”


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