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Jeremy Renner is making the most out of a horrific situation.

The “Avengers” actor has been hospitalized since suffering a terrible snow plow accident in Reno, Nevada on Sunday, which saw him be “completely crushed” by the vehicle.

After sharing a selfie of his bruised face earlier this week, Renner then took to his Instagram Story on Thursday to post a quick video of himself getting his head massaged by his sister.

He captioned the video, “ICU spa moment to lift my spirits. Thank you mama. Thank you sister,” as well as thanking everybody out there for the well-wishes.

Credit: Instagram/Jeremy Renner
Credit: Instagram/Jeremy Renner

TMZ reported that Renner had been helping a family member get their car out from heavy snow on Sunday with his Snowcat. However, as he stepped away from the vehicle it started to roll.

He was then said to have attempted to get back into the driver’s seat when the accident occurred and he was crushed.

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A 911 emergency log has since revealed Renner was “completely crushed” by his snow plow.

TMZ stated Renner was “experiencing heavy bleeding from his head and other unknown injuries,” adding that he was having “extreme difficulty” breathing.

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The log claimed the right side of Renner’s chest had collapsed and his upper torso was crushed in the horrific accident.

Despite clearly being in a lot of pain, Renner made sure to update fans with a selfie from his hospital bed, posting: “Thank you all for your kind words. 🙏. I’m too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.”


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