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Jane Fonda famously worked with her father, Henry Fonda, and Katharine Hepburn in the 1981 film “On Golden Pond”, with the two screen legends portraying her characters’ parents.

In a new interview with AARP The Magazine, Fonda was asked whether she’d ever found herself “starstruck” by someone with whom she’d worked.

“I was intimidated by Katharine Hepburn, that’s for sure,” Fonda said.

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“My God. When we made ‘On Golden Pond’, she made sure that she was always top dog — and that I knew it,” she continued, adding that the treatment she received from Hepburn taught her a lesson she’s never forgotten.

“I think my co-stars will tell you that I really try to do the opposite and make people feel comfortable,” she explained.

Back in 2021, Fonda spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about her experience working with Hepburn, who died in 2003.

“She was really competitive. She really thought that I was out to win more Academy Awards than she was, and when she won for ‘On Golden Pond’ I called to congratulate her, and she said, ‘You’ll never catch me now,’” Fonda recalled.

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However, Fonda admitted her experience with Hepburn wasn’t entirely negative.

“What I loved about her was that she took the job of being an elder very seriously. She was intentional about teaching me and talking to me, including giving me line readings, and I found that just wonderful,” Fonda said, adding, “She did not like me.”


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