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James Corden blasted the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to dismantle federal protections for abortion rights in a new video posted online on Monday.

Corden, 43, addressed the ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade from his hometown of London, where he’s set to record a week’s worth of shows.

The actor and late-night house began by talking about abortion rights in the U.K., which have existed since 1967. “Now, if that was ever to change, it would take at least 326 elected officials to agree to such a thing,” Corden said, referring to the House of Commons.

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“It would then take another 400 appointees in the House of Lords to vote on that bill before it could ever become law,” he continued. “So that’s nearly 800 people who would all have to agree before the fundamental rights of half the population would be endangered in the United Kingdom.”

Corden then contrasted the political process required to end abortion rights in the U.K. with that in America, first speaking about his own experience in the country. “For the past eight years, I’ve been living, working, [and] raising my young family in America,” he said. “It’s a place I love.”

But, he added, “You don’t need to live in the United States, or even have an American child as I do to feel utter disgust and anger at the news from the Supreme Court where six politically appointed judges can make a decision that ends the constitutional right to abortion across America.”

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“A woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body, wiped out in a moment in the land of the American Dream, the land of the free, a country which prides itself on the protection of an individual’s liberties,” Corden said, pointing out how the Supreme Court’s action is, in his view, diametrically opposed to the very values the United States is thought to embody.

The U.S. has now moved “instantly back to a dark age,” Corden added, “where a court has imposed the minority political view on a country for decades to come with a decision that endangers millions upon millions of women and their families.”

“To say that I’m outraged and devastated would be an understatement,” the “Late Late Show” went on. “It’s incomprehensible that in 2022 we should even have to say out loud that women should be entitled to control their own lives and bodies, let alone live in a country that won’t allow it.”

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As many others have done, Corden also pointed to the Court’s other big decision last week, one that overturned a New York State law banning the concealed carrying of guns, a move that essentially expanded gun rights even further in a nation that is still mourning the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

“If only the American leaders on the right would care and fight as much for the rights of women, as they do their guns,” Corden said. “It’s heart-wrenching and frightening.”


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