Are you struggling with high cortisol levels?

If you are, then you might be familiar with the devastating effects this “stress” hormone can cause on the body.

According to published articles from the Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Saint John’s Health Center [1,2,3], the symptoms of high cortisol include:

Medical experts also believe that high cortisol levels:

  • Disrupt your sleep/wake cycle
  • Trigger mood disturbances
  • Cause panic attacks
  • Diminish sexual performance

And the list of Cortisol- related health issues could go on. According to leading research led by the Cleveland Clinic: “Cortisol is an essential hormone that affects almost every organ and tissue in your body.”

So when cortisol levels get too high… you feel it everywhere!

“Get more sleep… Exercise…Stop drinking coffee… Meditate.”

This is all great advice. And it sure sounds good on paper. But in reality, when your cortisol levels are high…

Getting more sleep is nearly impossible BECAUSE high cortisol disrupts your sleep/wake cycle.

Exercising can feel like a complete waste of time BECAUSE high cortisol levels deplete energy, zap muscle strength and screw up your metabolism, making it nearly impossible to lose weight!

And cutting back on coffee is simply NOT an option for some guys. They just won’t give up “God’s nectar” no matter what.

But what about meditating? It sounds relaxing, but when you got a jam-packed schedule and can hardly find an extra 5 minutes in your day, how in the world are you going to find the time to sit cross-legged with your eyes closed chanting “Kumbaya” for an hour? It just won’t work! And besides, some guys find it hard to meditate. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

So again, what can you do? Look at this: HERE


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