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Ireland Baldwin wants to make clear that she’s busy and productive.

In a post on TikTok, the 26-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger responded to fans who have questioned whether she actually has a job.

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“I am a business owner,” she said.

Baldwin also added that she and her boyfriend RAC are getting into business together.

“We are opening up a café, wine bar and a boutique,” she said. “And we are starting a brand together.”

The model continued, “Another big part of my life is that I’m a foster rescue dog mom. I work in adoption, I work with a lot of fosters and a lot of rescuers.”

On top of all that, Baldwin talked about her recent efforts to launch a screenwriting career.

“We pitch TV shows and we write movie scripts, we work on commercial stuff,” she said. “Things are just kind of getting started for us. Everyone has to start somewhere.”

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Not everyone was buying it, though, with one person commenting, “Rich people passing off their hobbies as work. Why can’t they just say ‘I was fortunate to have been born rich and now I dedicate my time to….’”

Another person added, “So, no she doesn’t have a job,” and Baldwin herself responded, “Not sure which of those don’t qualify as a job but sounds good, brother.”

She did receive some support, though, with one fan writing, “Even if you did no work at all, you’d still be valid and worthy of respect & love & I wouldn’t think any less of you.”

“It’s very true… Everyone is worthy of respect,” Baldwin responded.

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