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SeaWorld San Diego announced the return of “Inside Look” this weekend, where guests will get an inside look at world-class animal care at the local park. 

The educational event will allow guests to connect with SeaWorld animal care specialists and hear their personal stories about caring for our animals. Park visitors will also have special access to areas of the park normally not open to the public, including the Rescue Center.

“Our education and zoological teams look forward to Inside Look each year, as they love sharing their passion for taking care of the park’s animals and their wealth of zoological knowledge with our guests,” said Eric Otjen, Vice President of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld San Diego. “They will also be able to see our animals in new, special ways and experience parts of the park that they are not able to during the rest of the year. For more than 50 years, education has been a critical core part of SeaWorld’s mission as we aim to inspire and inform all guests about wildlife and conservation.”

Inside Look is included with park admission. Event times are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Please see seaworld.com/san-diego/park-info/theme-park-hours for the daily schedule. 

Here’s a list at all “Inside Look” events planned for the year:

Inside the SeaWorld Rescue Center: Guests will also have the very special opportunity to tour areas of SeaWorld Rescue Center, a back area of the park where the Rescue Team brings hundreds of rescued animals each year for rehabilitation. During this experience, members of the SeaWorld Rescue team will share stories about recent rescues and tour guests through the Rescue Center showing the animal care hospital and rehabilitation areas. In addition, guests will get an up-close look at the rescue truck and inflatable boat used in rescue

Inside Orca Encounter: Guests will meet and hear from the dedicated animal care specialists who safeguard the health and well-being of our killer whales. Park guests will view a learning and training session between the orcas and their animal care team to better understand the dynamics of caring for SeaWorld’s largest residents. 

Inside and Underwater at Turtle Reef: At the Turtle Reef exhibit, guests will be able to watch zoological scuba divers interact with the turtles in the reef while educators share information and answer questions.

Inside Animal Care: In addition to the beloved daily animal presentations, SeaWorld Animal Care Specialists will be hosting special Trainer Talks where guests can learn about animal behaviors, feeding, and husbandry. These 10-minute presentations will be offered daily following Orca Encounter, Dolphin Adventures, and Sea Lion & Otter Spotlight presentations.

For more information, go to SeaWorldSanDiego.com


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