By Melissa Romualdi.

Hugh Jackman is mourning the death of his beloved Frenchie, Dali.

The actor’s family dog passed away Friday night and, on Saturday, Jackman took to Instagram to share the sad news.

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“It’s a very sad day for our family. Dali, our beloved Frenchie, passed away last night,” he captioned two photos of himself holding Dali. “He would’ve been 12 next month … which I’m told is a long life for this breed. I always, always called him the ROCKSTAR. Because he was! He marched to the beat of his own drum, was beloved by the whole world, and boy did he have a good life. We will miss him but know he’s howling in heaven, ruling the roost and enjoying the all you can eat buffet. RIP Dali Rockstar Jackman. We love you!”

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Over the years, Jackman was often spotted walking Dali in New York City.


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