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Maybe what America needs right now is Howard Stern.

The SiriusXM host expressed as much on “The Howard Stern Show” on Monday, reacting to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and federal protection of abortion rights.

“I’m actually going to probably have to run for president now,” Stern said, according to The Hill.

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During his show, the host slammed everyone from former president Donald Trump, who appointed three justices to the Supreme Court during his four years in office, to the justices themselves.

“These appointed judges by Trump were appointed by a president who lost the popular vote by three million votes. This is where we get into trouble.”

As for his own presidential platform, Stern said, “I am going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight: one vote, one person. No more Electoral College. I’m getting rid of it.”

He continues, “The problem with most presidents is they have too big of an agenda. The only agenda I would have is to make the country fair again.”

Stern also outlined for his listeners reasons why everyone should be up in arms about the Court’s decision last week.

“I’ll give you a couple of examples of why this is so horrible,” he said, referring to “everyday women who go to the doctor and they find out that the baby has horrible birth defects.”

He added later, “A lot of times women are raped. A lot of times contraception doesn’t work. And then there’s even a more confusing state where a man and a woman want to have a baby, and all of a sudden things go medically wrong.”

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The radio host also outlined some more of his ideas for if he were ever to become president.

“The other thing is, if I do run for president — and I’m not f**king around, I’m really thinking about it — because the only other thing I’m going to do is appoint five more Supreme Court justices,” he said.

When co-host Robin Quivers asked whether he would even be able to do that, Stern replied with a chuckle, “I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing exactly.”

He then added, “I’m not afraid to do it. As soon as I become president, you’re gonna get five new Supreme Court justices that are going to overturn all this bulls**t.”

Stern isn’t a total stranger to running for elected office. In 1994 he ran as a libertarian in the New York gubernatorial election, but dropped out when the state’s Supreme Court required him to disclose his personal finances as a candidate.


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