Coaxial cable is a form of electrical cable made from an inner conductor wrapped by a concentric conducting shield with the two insulated from each other using a dielectric. This curated guide will inform you how to make your very own TV antenna from coaxial cable.

They are used to transmit data from the source to its destination in effective ways. This accounts for how the best coaxial cables are reliable, useful, and versatile in terms of durability and longevity. Sometimes, the connections are not stable and for countless reasons. It is either due to the antenna or due to the wires themselves. The best cables are the ones that are resilient against all-natural and manmade odds that occur at homes and in the surroundings. The following article will take you through how to make a pair of these wires by yourself at home if that is possible. Otherwise, browse through the list of various types of coaxial cables with proper reviews describing their utility.

How To Make Coaxial Cable
at Home

Find a wooden board 22 inches long and 8 inches wide. On this board,
start working from left to right by taking markings at intervals at 2, 7.25,
12.5, and 17.5 inches. Drill holes along with these points on both the left and
the right sides of the length.

Now, take a copper wire a cut eight sections off of it, each of which
will measure fourteen inches. Find the mid-point, i.e., 7-inch point, and bend
the wire at a 45-degree angle.

Once done, gather screws, washers, and other mending tools, drill and
attach these bent wires to the board. The bent area will stay attached to the
board while the pointed legs face outward and sideward on the length side.

Here comes the tricky part.

The 2-inch mark on the left side points A and the mirroring point on the
right side will be A1. The same can be applied to the rest of the drilled
holes, continuing up to D2. Take the remaining wire and from A, weave the wire
to B1 with one of them. Using the same wire, connect C1 from B1. From C1, you
will then connect to D on the other side.

Use an insulated wire to connect A1 to B. Using the same wire, continue
the process from B to C and then from C to D1. At this point, your board will
be a flurry of Xs at the top and bottom, along with a wide hexagon in the

Tighten the screws this time and insulate the wire where they’re
connecting. Attach the balun to the parallel wires and then secure them with
screws. Trim off all the sharper bits and then, finally, attach the coaxial
cable to the ensemble to connect to the antenna.

Position it properly so that the signals are correct and in frequency. 

The Top Four Best Coaxial Cables 2021 Reviews

If you find yourself unable to get the coaxial cable to work, it means it is either your antenna needing more work. Or you might want to change your cable. Nothing to worry about that, for we have listed some recommendations for you to choose from.

1. Coaxial Cable Triple Shielded CL3 In-Wall Rated Gold Plated Connectors (30ft) RG6 Digital Audio Video with Male F Connector Pin

This triple shielded cable connects cable televisions, modems and
set-top boxes, satellite receivers, and audio network connections, among many
others. It is versatile and fits across a wide range of devices.

The in-Wall cables are standardized for all fire safety codes. They are
even used for security systems, intercom, and speaker wires. The gold-plated
ends of the connector that helps in reducing external noise and interference.
It enables a smoother transmission of network data.

Because it is made out of standardized materials, it is resilient
against fire and holds up perfectly against all types of weather conditions.
They are also tripe shielded, which provides an added advantage when talking
about the cables’ durability. This is one of the top picks for coaxial cables.


  • Highest
    quality data transmission
  • Affordable
    and reliable connections and prices
  • Long-lasting
    and durable against all known conditions
  • Multi-Use
  • 30
    feet long for convenience


  • Fixing into the wall receptors is difficult

2. 50′ Feet, Black RG6 Coaxial Cable with Rubber booted – Weather Proof

Black and elegant, this Cimple Co’s 50 feet long cable wire is the
height of ease in use and convenience. It is a tested cable and approved for
modems, televisions, satellite receivers, and more.

The cable is a low loss data transmitter, which means that the
connection is secure and perfect in all conditions. The signal and picture
quality is retained if not improved over the previous cables. It can endure the
harshest weather and continue to stay qualified for use and reuse.

This coaxial cable, as reviews have mentioned, has been a market
favorite for its length and longevity. However, what is even more appealing is
the fact that there are many variations of the length that are available to
suit your needs.


  • Many
    varieties of cable lengths available
  • The
    wire can be cut along the margins and markers provided on the wire
  • 60%
    braid and 100% shield for complete protection
  • Easy
    to Install
  • Durability
    and Resistance to weather change


  • Dual shield only
  • End connectors do not work well under all conditions

3. Cable Matters 3-Pack CL2 In-Wall Rated (cm) Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable (RG6 Cable, Coax Cable) in Black 10 Feet

The Cable Matters RG6 cable has been well appraised for its secure
connecting cables across all kinds of devices. It is a cost-effective
three-pack model that is quad-shielded. This makes it not only stronger but
also increasingly durable.

The connectors at the ends are made of metal, which provides
resistance-free transmission in cables. The shielding prevents interference
from electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, the common
noises seen in data transmission.

With its CL2 PVC jacket and quad-shield, this cable connector works best
both outdoors and indoors.  When
connected to a modem, the cables ensure secure and free transmission between
the connected devices.


  • Durable
    and easy to install
  • Material
    quality lasts long
  • Simple
    to understand and use
  • High-speed
    data transmission
  • Excellent
    picture quality
  • Rated
    and Standardized


  • It takes a while to learn and set the connection up
  • Results are not immediate

4. RG6 Coaxial Cable 200ft (Black) – Weather Boot – UL ETL CMR CATV Fire Retardant Satellite Audio Video HD Cable AQUASEAL Compression F-Connectors

Phat Satellite’s cables are compatible cables that connect to modems,
televisions, off-air antennas, and F-equipped devices. It is a shielded RG6
cable shield that resists fire with the PVC jacket coating.

This shield is a trademark protector of the cable against EMI and RFI. What
better, the wire cable is also able to resist weather change corrosions.
Leaving it outdoors for longer periods is nothing to be worried about.

The RG6 shield is capable of durability and lasts longer in all
circumstances. It is easy to install, elegant to look at, and takes up very
little space. It retains signal frequency and provides the best picture
quality. The wire houses a copper clad center conductor, dielectric insulation
& layers of aluminum shielding.


  • Easy
    to install and use
  • It
    does not take much space
  • High-speed
    connection and internet
  • Perfect
    outdoor working


  • Made only for F shaped connections


Cable connections needs have become a worrisome topic for you. Especially not when there are alternatives to resolving any problems that arise in the process. This can mean trying to build an antenna worth a review or buying one of the top coaxial cables to correct your TV signal. It is easy, simple, and very cost-effective to make an antenna at home. Or to choose a cable that will very well live up to the value of your money. It depends on your choice and ease of usage.


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