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Holly Madison is opening up about life with Hugh Hefner.

The former Playboy Playmate appeared this week on the “Girls Next Level” podcast, and she talked about the the first time she ever had sex with the late Hefner.

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Recalling the evening in August 2001, before she had moved into the Playboy Mansion full time, Madison said she had been invited on a night out by a “recruiter” and were supplied with drinks.

She also remembered Hefner offering her a quaaluude.

“I said, ‘No, I don’t really do drugs,’” she said, adding that Hefner referred to the dugs as “thigh openers.”

Madison was then invited into another room with other women, recalling, “When we went back into the room, I have a hard time even remembering it because I was that wasted. I had been downing drinks all night.”

Things ended up escalating from there, she explained.

“I go to the bed, the other new girl is already laying there, there’s vibrators laid out for everybody. I’d never used a vibrator in my life,” Madison said. “I don’t even remember everybody else walking in, I just remember laying down and everybody else was there and the first thing that happens is The Recruiter says, ‘Daddy!’ — I’m gagging as I say this, but everybody used to call him ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom, which is so gross — so she was like, ‘Daddy, do you want to get the new girl? I s— you not, next thing I know, he’s on top of me.”

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From there, Madison said that she doesn’t actually remember much from the rest of the night.

“I’ve had people ask me before, ‘If you didn’t like the sex or it freaked you out, why didn’t you just leave?’ But you have to understand if I were to just leave, I’m going back to my problems of not having a place to live,” she said. “Plus, I just had sex with this guy, which to me is like a big deal. The only community I feel like I’m a part of in L.A, everyone will know I had sex with him randomly, I better move in and be a girlfriend.”


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