If you are a high school English teacher, the last couple of school years have brought some added challenges with book challenges, accusations of indoctrination, and being a liberal arts subject associated with CRT.

And there was that pandemic.

But with this new AI tool that has garnered so much attention recently, it is not hard to see how it could be used by students for any writing assignment to avoid actually having to write compositions themselves.

ChatGPT actually writes papers based on prompts it is given.

As if liberal arts teachers or any teachers who assign writing assignments didn’t have enough to worry about. But there is help on the horizon.

The ChatGPT application has already changed how some schools and universities measure student engagement.

Secondary school teachers do not always have that kind of flexibility. But…

Many teachers have signed up for this new application including myself.

And as that NYT report also states:

The plagiarism detection service Turnitin said it would incorporate more features for identifying A.I., including ChatGPT, this year.

From Turnitin.com:


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