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Harry Styles suffered a wardrobe mishap as he returned to the stage with his “Love On Tour” show on Thursday.

The One Direction hitmaker was belting out “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” at the Kai Forum in Inglewood, California, when his jumping around proved to be too much for his brown leather trousers.

Luckily for Styles, he was wearing underwear and didn’t end up pulling a Lenny Kravitz, who accidentally exposed himself to gig-goers back in 2015.

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The musician, who covered up with a pride flag, later told the crowd, “My trousers ripped. I feel it necessary to apologize to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean this is a family show.”

“You sir, are you ok? I promise it’s not part of the show,” he told one fan.

Styles then joked, “It’s a family show… or is it? It is! Or is it?”

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One fan managed to capture the exact moment Styles’ trousers ripped and the fear on his face, sharing a video online:

Others laughed about the fact Jennifer Aniston was in the audience and watched the whole thing unfold.

Styles once told Ellen DeGeneres back in 2020 that the “Friends” star was his “first celebrity crush.”

According to Page Six, Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah and Ellen DeGeneres were also in attendance.


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