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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde discuss the reaction to their relationship and how they deal with negative comments in a candid new interview with Rolling Stone.

Styles, 28, and Wilde, 38, met on the set of their upcoming flick “Don’t Worry Darling” in September 2020.

They then went public with their romance at a friend’s wedding in January 2021.

Given Styles’ huge fanbase, their romance has unsurprisingly been the topic of many online discussions.

Styles, who says he uses Instagram to look at plants and architecture posts, has never had the TikTok app, and calls Twitter “a s**tstorm of people trying to be awful to people,” is asked about trolls targeting those closest to him.

He tells the mag, “That obviously doesn’t make me feel good.”

Harry Styles
Harry Styles.
— Photo: Amanda Fordyce for Rolling Stone

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Styles admits that although he’s set boundaries between his public and private lives, sometimes “other people blur the lines for you.”

He adds of having to have a conversation early on in a relationship: “Can you imagine… going on a second date with someone and being like, ‘OK, there’s this corner of the thing, and they’re going to say this, and it’s going to be really crazy, and they’re going to be really mean, and it’s not real.… But anyway, what do you want to eat?’”

The One Direction hitmaker goes on, “It’s obviously a difficult feeling to feel like being close to me means you’re at the ransom of a corner of Twitter or something. I just wanted to sing. I didn’t want to get into it if I was going to hurt people like that.”

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Wilde is also asked about her experience with Styles’ fans, calling them “deeply loving people.”

“What I don’t understand about the cruelty you’re referencing is that that kind of toxic negativity is the antithesis of Harry, and everything he puts out there,” she insists.

“I don’t personally believe the hateful energy defines his fan base at all. The majority of them are true champions of kindness.”


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