By Melissa Romualdi.

Guy Ritchie is looking past Will Smith’s infamous Oscars slap when it comes to the creative world of film.

Instead of focusing on “political considerations,” the British director told The Hollywood Reporter that he will do “whatever [he] can, to encourage creativity.”

“I’m all about that,” he said, “particularly in my world of film.”

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While speaking of his 2019 Disney live-action “Aladdin”, Ritchie said his experience working with Smith, who starred as the genie, was nothing short of delightful.

“I’ve never met a more lovely man and working with him was one of the most wonderful, great experiences I’ve ever had,” he told the outlet. “I never saw anything other than the consummate, generous gentleman.”

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Now that “Aladdin 2” is in pre-production, the filmmaker said he “wouldn’t have any issue” recasting Smith in the sequel or in anything for that matter, because “as I say, he was just the f**king perfect gentleman.”


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