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Gina Rodriguez says the “Not Dead Yet” team went above and beyond to help her hide her pregnancy.

The actress’ new comedy series debuts this year in February, but the road to release was bumpy as her pregnancy and filming for the show began at the same time.

“It’s my first time experiencing this, and they’ve been so loving and supportive of me, you know, accidentally getting pregnant right before the show started,” she said of her crew at a panel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, via People. “Me and my husband are obviously very excited about it, but it definitely wasn’t planned.”

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Rodriguez revealed she was expecting in July 2022, in a touching video with her husband Joe LoCicero.

Part of what helped make the process easier, was executive producer Dean Holland’s support, as he was “always there to make me feel very comfortable about the experience because it was very new.”

“So he helped all the directors come up with very creative ways to either cover the belly, whether it was costumes or my cubicle, or a plant or refrigerator,” she explained.

Despite the supportive network she had, the actress still encountered difficulties while filming, especially as her pregnancy was further along.

“I’ll never forget, because each day I felt like, ‘I’m so big, I can’t imagine hiding [this]’ and now I look back and I’m like, ‘That was nothing,’ ” she said. “I was so afraid.”

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Holland reassured her that she just needed to focus on her work.

“You’re pregnant, you’re a miracle. Just live in it and we’ll figure it out,” she recalled him telling her.

“And they did,” Rodriguez explained. “They figured it out and my costars helped figure it out and the crew, so it was a very loving, protective set, that would be like, ‘This is one of your shots.’”

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