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Gina Rodriguez is finding the balance in life.

In February, the actress is debuting her new TV comedy “Not Dead Yet”, and at the same time, she’s gearing up to welcome her first child.

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Speaking to People, Rodriguez shared how she is handling her pregnancy while also launching a brand new show.

“That’s what life is,” she said. “It’s everything, everywhere, all at once, right? I love that movie, but also the title is just so apropos to life itself.”

She continued, “It’s all the things. It’s all the things, all at once. And I’m just trying to let go,” she continues. “At some times, successfully letting go. At other times, gripping too hard.”

But Rodriguez is trying to savour all of it, saying, “When you sit in it, it feels like you’re alive. I enjoy that feeling.”

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In “Not Dead Yet”, Rodriguez plays a woman who returns home to California after a breakup, only to find herself working at an old job that challenges her in unexpected ways.

“I really love playing this character that is flawed but trying so hard and wanting so badly to fix or to feel better or to just be happy after this,” she explained. “You’ll end up seeing over the course of the series why — what she went through, what sent her off on this new journey. I really just love that.”

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