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George Clooney just shared a vulnerable insight into his younger years.

The 61-year-old actor was recently on the 20th-anniversary episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” where Kimmel took the actor down memory lane.

Clooney explained how at one point in his middle school years, the actor was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which causes one side of your face to become paralyzed.

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To celebrate the show’s anniversary on Thursday night, Kimmel invited Clooney and Snoop Dogg as they were the first guests when his late-night show premiered in 2003.

Kimmel began pulling up old photos of the two guests to commemorate older times.

Before Kimmel could make any lighthearted jabs at the iconic actor’s appearance, Clooney took the opportunity to educate the host on his diagnosis.

“Now wait, I want to point out something because you’re going to laugh, gonna make a joke. I have Bell’s palsy there and half of my face is paralyzed,” explained Clooney.

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“Look at this, watch this,” Clooney continued as he placed his hand over half his face in the photo. “If you go like this, on the other side, it’s a completely different face. So now make your joke. Come on, funny man. Come on, let me give you my sad face.”

“You know what? I didn’t have a joke, George, and you really brought everybody down,” Kimmel responded.

“Maybe we should have another toast to bring things back up,” continued Kimmel, as he, Clooney and Dogg each took a shot together.


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