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After severe flooding, George Clooney reportedly donated $21,000 to a French village last year.

Jérémy Giuliano, the mayor of Provence, France, thanked the “Ticket to Paradise” star for helping provide shelter to citizens after their homes were destroyed by intense flooding in October 2021.

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Var Martin, a French publication, reported Guiliano retelling the story last weekend.

“The day after the floods, we received a message that George Clooney wanted to contact us. Which resulted in a donation of 20,000 euros.”

The mayor was shocked and grateful for the donation.

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“It was spontaneous, and I want to say thank you,” continued Giuliano, according to The Times.

Giuliano expressed that he wanted to keep the news of the large donation private as it “would not have been appropriate to over-publicize it and to put it in the media,” further reported The Times.

The mayor decided to publicly announce his gratitude to the Hollywood heavyweight as the villagers’ homes are almost finished being rebuilt.


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