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Eric Dane is single, ready to mingle and receiving racy DMs…but not ones he’s particularly interested in.

The “Euphoria” actor, 49, appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” this week and spoke about his dating life and how he feels about his Instagram DMs. “I am single. Yeah,” Dane said after Cohen inquired about his relationship status. Turning to the subject of the direct messages he receives on Instagram, Dane described them as “firing.” 

“Listen, Andy, that is a dark alley that I don’t go down alone,” Dane explained. “I get lots of dick pics.” Stunned, Cohen asked if Dane also receives “stuff” from women as well. “No, I get dick pics,” the actor retorted. “I think that guys now assume that I’m going the other way [because of ‘Euphoria’], which is fine. I’ve seen a lot of ugly penises. I’ve seen a lot of pretty ones.”

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“I really thought that women must be throwing themselves at you right now,” Cohen told Dane in amazement. “Where do you meet women?”

“I don’t,” the former “Grey’s Anatomy” star said flatly. “I feel, I feel like I don’t ever meet women […] because look, I’m not a dating app guy […] And I think that’s kind of the, where the majority of the meeting happens on these dating apps, the various Rayas […]Tinders, whatever.” 

“It’s just weird,” he added. “I’m from the nineties, man. I’m more of a, like, ‘hey, how are you?’ kinda person.”

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A heartthrob since his days on “Grey’s Anatomy”, being lusted after by the public is familiar ground for Dane. But being labeled “McSteamy” by “Grey’s” fans was not something he particularly relished, though he admits the moniker has helped his career. “I didn’t mind it,” Dane said of the nickname. “I didn’t like being referred to as McSteamy on the street, but you know, the name was, the name has been very good to me.”

Dane also discussed his thoughts on whether “Grey’s” could continue without star Ellen Pompeo. You can watch that part of Dane’s discussion with Cohen below. 


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