By Sarah Curran.

Elon Musk is already changing up Twitter on his first week as the new owner of the company. 

According to a report by The Verge,  users who are logged out of the platform are now redirected to the website’s “Explore” page, rather than the previous sign up form.

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The change reportedly “required VP involvement to override a code freeze put in place to prevent rogue staffers from making changes during the takeover process.”

Now that Musk has taken over Twitter in a deal worth a reported $44 billion, concerns are being shared that the controversial billionaire may ditch the social media platform’s guidelines on hate speech and unleash a hate-filled free for all.

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Meanwhile, there are also fears that Musk may reinstate the Twitter privileges of Donald Trump after the ex-president’s ban following the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riot last year.


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