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Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating her wife Portia de Rossi on their 14th wedding anniversary.

DeGeneres, 64, posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday, August 16, showing a highlight reel of some heartwarming and silly moments the couple have shared over the years.

Titled “Best of Portia and Ellen”, the video comprises many clips of DeGeneres and de Rossi, 49, on DeGeneres’s daytime talk show “Ellen”.

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DeGeneres included segments in which the pair competed against each other in a hard-to-describe game involving a bungee cord and apples, discussed their height difference, and played a game in which de Rossi named which candy best described their love life.

“It’s good to be loved. It’s profound to be understood,” the former daytime host captioned the post. Incidentally, that phrase is something DeGeneres credits de Rossi with telling her when they got married back in 2008 shortly after same-sex marriage became legal in California.

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“I love you, @portiaderossi,” DeGeneres added in her caption. “Happy 14! ❤️”

Back in 2021, de Rossi spoke about the pair’s relationship, telling PEOPLE, “We’ve grown together as a couple, and we really consider each other and put our relationship first. By doing that, you become a lot more solid.

“I can’t imagine spending time with anyone but her.”


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