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Eddie Redmayne recently shared a revealing moment on the set of the first “Fantastic Beasts” film.

The 41-year-old actor, who plays the magical Newt Scamander in the “Harry Potter” spin-off franchise, recently told British Vogue during their 2023 Hollywood Portfolio about his ‘most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.’

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During the movie’s hilarious Erumpent mating scene, which sees Redmayne squatting and maneuvering across the screen in a variety of flexible positions in an attempt to distract a giant beast known as the Erupment, his trousers, unfortunately, tore in the middle of filming.

“It was humiliating anyway, but I managed to rip my trousers. My arse was on show for everyone on a night shoot in the middle of Watford,” he recalled of the embarrassing mishap.

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The “Good Nurse” actor had previously taught Jimmy Fallon a rendition of the mating dance while on “The Tonight Show” in 2016. During the tutorial, Redmayne quipped about the tightness of Fallon’s pants, observing, “this could be bad for both of us,” clearly dwelling on the malfunction that occurred while filming.

Redmayne also spoke of another on-set blunder during the British Vogue write-up, in which he stole an essential prop from the set of “The Theory of Everything.”

“After ‘The Theory of Everything’, I stole the clicker that Stephen Hawking [had] — not his actual one but our prop one — to make his computer speak.”


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