By Brent Furdyk.

Ed Skrein showcases his musical side in the upcoming Netflix film “I Used to Be Famous”, and viewers now have a first look at the trailer.

Skrein stars as Vince, who was once a member of a wildly popular British boy band.

Those days of stardom and adulation, however, are long gone. Now, the troubled ex-pop star is living in lonely obscurity, desperate to make a comeback and recapture the showbiz glory he once experienced.

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Unsure of how to go about it, he begins busking on the streets of Peckham in hopes that someone, anyone, will hear him and somehow bring him back to the stage.

While performing on the street, he enters an impromptu jam with Stevie (Leo Long), a young drummer on the autism spectrum with a unique gift for rhythm. Playing together, they make magic while sparking an unexpected friendship as these two misunderstood musicians form a special bond, fuelled by music.

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As that bond deepens, Vince is hopeful their musical partnership will propel him back to the top, but the journey to recapture his stardom won’t be easy.

“I Used to Be Famous” debuts on Sept. 16.



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