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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson loves to surprise his family and this weekend was no different.

This time, the actor had the sweetest gift for his cousin, WWE star Tamina Snuka, whose real name is Sarona Snuka.

Johnson’s caption included, “I’ve known my cousin Sarona since we were little kids growing up together.

“Man this girl’s gone thru some tough times, but regardless of what life’s thrown her way – she was ALWAYS determined to break the cycle and become a strong and inspiring single mom example to her two greatest inspirations — her daughters, Milaneta & Maleata.”

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Johnson shared an adorable video of the moment he surprised Snuka with the house, adding in the caption: “It’s so damn hard to make it as a pro wrestler. And it’s even way harder to make it if you’re a woman.

“Sarona (like many amazing women in pro wrestling) made her mind up long ago that she was gonna walk the walk and earn her respect in pro wrestling and make sure that the hard times she’s experienced were always her REASON to WORK HARDER and never let it become the EXCUSE to GIVE UP.

“And that’s what she did. And that’s why my heart’s proud. Love you cuz and we always got your back.”

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The surprises didn’t end there, with Johnson and his daughters Jasmine, 6, and Tiana Gia, 4, helping him surprise Snuka with a brand new car to go with her new house:

This certainly isn’t the first time Johnson has surprised a family member, with him buying a new home for his mom, Ata Johnson, earlier this month.

He also surprised his mom with a new car over Christmas.


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