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A Drake concert in New York was interrupted by a scary incident.

On Sunday night, the Canadian rapper was performing his second night with 21 Savage at Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theatre when a fan fell from the mezzanine balcony.

Drake Performs For Star-Studded Crowd At The Apollo

Fan footage from the show caught the fan falling just after 21 Savage joined Drake onstage to perform songs from their latest album.

The man fell from the second floor into the orchestra pit, and in the process left some of the venue’s lighting dangling.

Drake paused the show after a crew member ran onstage.

“Just gotta make sure somebody’s OK,” the rapper told the audience.

According to Variety, the concert was paused for 15 minutes as the man was seen to by venue staff and the damaged lighting was removed.

An announcer told the audience, and a rep for the theatre later confirmed, that the man was not injured in the incident.

“Everybody is absolutely OK,” the announcer said. “They are being checked on. Nobody’s hurt. But I got even better news for you: We’re at the Apollo so the show must go on.”

Drake Teases New Album While Performing At Harlem’s Apollo Theatre

In a statement, the Apollo said, “Unfortunately, last evening an incident occurred with an audience member who landed in the orchestra from the lower mezzanine. Drake, Apollo and SiriusXM halted the show immediately when learning of a potential fan injury and standard protocols were taken. They were seen immediately by EMS on site. The fan and other audience members reported that they were OK. No major injuries have been reported. The Apollo is investigating the situation further.”

Soon after, Drake got the show going again, telling the audience, “Let’s just make some noise that everybody’s OK. I feel like they had to wait like 10 minutes, we should go up a little more.”

Closing out the concert, Drake gave a big shoutout to the audience.

“This crowd is an absolute 10 out of 10. I’m so happy with tonight. We apologize for the delays and all that s**t, but thank you,” he said, adding that it was “an evening of gratitude.”


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