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Dominic West almost didn’t agree to play Prince Charles in the last two seasons of “The Crown”.

The actor is starring as the royal in season 5 of the hit Netflix show, set to premiere Wednesday.

However, before it’s even made its debut on the streaming platform, an array of people have criticized the show for having members of the royal family relive Charles and Princess Diana’s infamous divorce, and her tragic death.

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West insists he almost didn’t take on the role because he had too much admiration for Charles (now King Charles III), while chatting to Town & Country magazine.

He replies as the reporter questions why he wanted the role, “I didn’t,” admitting he was “very apprehensive.”

West has met Charles multiple times through his ongoing role as an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, which the monarch started back in 1976. West previously offered to resign as ambassador for the organization.

“You do what you like, you’re an actor,” Charles’ team supposedly told West. “It’s nothing to do with us,” Radio Times reported.

The star tells Town & Country, “I’m a big fan of Prince Charles, as he was. I didn’t want to do anything to upset his mission.”

Elsewhere in the interview, West talks about his stance in “the war of the Waleses.”

‘The Crown’ Star Dominic West Says Camilla Referred To Him As ‘Your Majesty’

He shares, “The trouble was Diana was such a superstar. She’s got such star quality that he doesn’t have, and thank God, because their job is quite boring.”

West goes on, “We’re finding it now with our prime ministers, and you with your presidents: It’s exhausting having a high-octane leader who’s very media savvy. We long for the rather boring, sensible ones who are functionaries who get on with the job.”

He also talks about how “The Crown” paused production after the Queen’s death on September 8. The break enabled him to watch the TV coverage from around the world while holed up in his hotel room.

West recalls, “It was poignant and, in some ways, sad. But in most ways, I think it was such an amazing life and such an amazing death, really, that it didn’t feel very sad.”


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