Seth Alan Roberts
Seth Alan Roberts. Photo credit: San Diego Police Department

A man convicted of raping two women at knifepoint in San Diego County on Thursday received a 175-year prison sentence.

A jury convicted Seth Alan Roberts, 22, earlier this year of seven felony counts, including two forcible rape counts, for a pair of 2018 assaults that occurred about a week apart in Pacific Beach and Otay Mesa.

He was also charged with raping another woman, his former girlfriend, at a Bonita campground, but at trial, the panel acquitted him of a rape count related to that woman.

Deputy District Attorney Judy Taschner told jurors that Roberts, 18 at the time, approached one of the victims in Pacific Beach and invited her to his residence. She agreed, but the prosecutor said Roberts instead led her to an alleyway and raped her.

The Otay Mesa incident occurred about a week later with a young woman Roberts initially met at a trolley station in Chula Vista.

After exchanging phone numbers, he met up with the woman a few days later at her South Bay home, where the prosecutor said he raped her in her bedroom.

Taschner alleged Roberts threatened both victims with a knife during the attacks. He was arrested in December 2018 at a home he was staying at in Chula Vista.

At Roberts’ sentencing hearing, the prosecutor said the defendant “preyed on very innocent and trusting individuals who were very vulnerable to his friendly, charismatic approach.”

One of the victims addressed Roberts at the hearing, telling him she was still affected by what happened and that she felt sorry for his family “that you turned out the way you did.”

She said, “Do you even feel any remorse or care about what you did, not only to me, but to those other women? I hope to never in my entire life see your face again.”

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