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Edgar Wright had a small hand in the massive success of the “Top Gun” sequel.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the “Last Night in Soho” director shared that he got to see “Top Gun: Maverick” well before most people.

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“I didn’t have any [other] notes on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. I first watched that in 2020,” he said. “[Director] Chris McQuarrie and Tom Cruise showed it to me, and it was pretty much the film that got released, minus the Lady Gaga song.”

Though the movie was nearly in its final state, Wright did have one important contribution to make, picking the needle drop of Foghat’s “Slow Ride”, which plays in the film’s bar scene early on.

“My dream text to get was Chris McQuarrie saying, ‘Hey, we need a new song for the bar scene in “Top Gun: Maverick”. What can you think of that’s like …?’ And it was like, ‘Oh, give me 45 minutes!’ I think I still have that playlist on Spotify; it was ‘Maverick Bar’,” Wright said.

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When he isn’t giving notes to other filmmakers, Wright is happy to take them on his own projects.

“It’s immensely flattering if people want to show you something, and I do the same with my films,” he said. “You usually invite people that are going to tell you exactly what they think. That can sometimes be tougher to hear, but you want to hear it from people you really respect. And sometimes, people have really great solutions.”

Wright continued, “On ‘Last Night in Soho’, I showed [‘Mad Max’ director] George Miller something, and he had such a tiny, tiny note that was so great. It was also great to say in a VFX session, ‘And one other thing, Dr. George Miller suggested that if we tighten up this gap, it would be more successful.’ And nobody can say no to an action note from George Miller.”


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