If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes but aren’t ready to do it cold turkey, consider vaping as an alternative. Vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and can be done via different devices. From disposable vapes to pod vapes and even hybrid vapes, here is a detailed list of the different types of vapes out there and the things you should consider before buying one for yourself.


These are just another version of a disposable electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are small and made for one time use. These are perfect for those who are just starting to try to quit smoking cigarettes as they resemble cigarettes due to the fact that they are disposable. This type of vape is also ideal for anyone who travels often and may not necessarily want to carry their vape with them or who can’t do so while they travel. If you happen to lose your vape, a disposable vape makes a great temporary replacement.

Pod Vapes

This type of vape is incredibly similar to a disposable vape because they are affordable and incredibly easy to use. They also are only made up of two parts—one of which is the battery, and the other which is a refillable pod. These vapes are practical and also great for anyone trying to be stealthy about their vaping habit as they are small and easy to hide.

Hybrid Vapes

Hybrid vapes sound new, but they are actually considered to be some of the first vapes to come onto the scene. These vapes work by inhaling from a long tube and despite the fact that they tend to be a little intense, they can be dialled down to a level that you are most comfortable with.

Things to Consider

There are many different types of vapes out there, and many different things to consider. Your budget for instance, is something to think about. Some vapes are more expensive than others and while some may be worth the price, others may not be. Therefore it is extremely important to do as much research as possible before buying a vape so that you can make sure that you are making the right decision for you.



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