By Shakiel Mahjouri.

Electronic dance music veterans deadmau5 and Kaskade are alive and well.

The frequent collaborators, known collectively as Kx5, teamed up with The Moth & The Flame (TMTF) for a new banger called “Alive”. Kx5 released the triumphant track on Tuesday ahead of their joint headliner this winter.

Deadmau5 Says This Artist Is A ‘Shining Example’ Of Innovation In A ‘Stagnant Pool’ Of EDM

The third stop of the duo’s sonic exploration is described as “a tougher sounding song with its galloping beat, triumphant synth swells and yearning vocals courtesy of TMTF, an act with a distinctive approach towards sky-scraping, emotive alternative rock and heady brand of lush, atmospheric indie…

“Paired with Kx5’s captivating production, look for ‘Alive’ to transcend between the genres these artists collectively thrive in.”

Deadmau5 Restarts Feud With Marshmello

Kaskade and deadmau5 pencilled the timeless classic “I Remember” in 2008 and released two songs together this year: “Escape” and “Take Me High”. Kx5 will headline Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Dec. 10.


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