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David Harbour’s unconventional Christmas movie is out now.

Directed by Tommy Wirkola, the “Stranger Things” actor stars as an out-of-sorts Santa Claus who ditches giving gifts and instead binges on alcohol and cold-blooded murder. The movie twists the traditional holiday format and offers a holiday slasher instead.

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“And when I read that script, the first thing I said was, ‘I was born to make this film.’It was just so up my alley, and I knew I could do the tone, the crazy action, the humour and all that stuff,” Wirkola previously said. “But what was really appealing to me was the Christmas movie nature of it. So all these things came together at the right time…”

The director’s tackled genre-bending films like “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters” in the past, putting a twist on the classic tale.

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The film was originally released in theatres in November, pulling in $11.8 million at box office sales for the film.

It’s now exclusively available on Peacock.


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