By Brent Furdyk.

David Blaine dropped by Thursday’s edition of “The Tonight Show” to promote his new Las Vegas residency, and demonstrated some wild illusions that freaked out host Jimmy Fallon.

Blaine began with a card trick that took a bizarre turn when he asked a very reluctant Fallon to smash the palm of his hand down on a card that had a sharp pin sticking out of it, resulting in the card sticking to his hand.

That was just the warmup, with Blaine completely blowing away Fallon by eating a bowl of nails. “Oh my god!” the host declared. “This is insane right now.”

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After swallowing numerous nails, Blaine then proceeded to start regurgitating them — only instead of spitting out the nails he’d munched, he instead expelled a live frog from his mouth.

The mind-blowing trick can be seen in the video above.


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