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Dave Navarro has some bad news to share with fans looking forward to seeing him on tour with Jane’s Addiction this fall.

A few months back, Perry Farrell and Billy Corgan made a joint appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” to announce their respective bands would be teaming up to hit the road for a joint Smashing Pumpkins-Jane’s Addiction tour.

However, Navarro won’t be participating in the tour, and he took to Twitter this week to reveal that he’s still suffering the aftereffects of COVID-19, nearly a year after being infected.

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“I am sorry to have to say that I will not be attending due to my continued battle with Long Covid that I have been dealing with since last December,” he explained, just days before the tour’s first date on Oct. 2.

“I had hoped for a full recovery by October but I am still very fatigued and will not be able to join this leg,” he continued.

“I am personally gutted as our original bass player has returned, Eric Avery. We wanted to bring you the original line up but that will have to wait until I am recovered,” he added.

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As a result, Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen (who has also toured with the likes of Iggy Pop and The Damned) will be stepping in for him.

“He is a great guy and I am honoured to have him help make this tour happen,” Navarro said of his substitute.

“Though I am saddened to not make this tour I am focused on making a full recovery and re-joining the guys when I am able,” he concluded. “I truly wish the band well on this tour and I am confident they will bring everything to make it a fabulous show! Go get em guys!”

Navarro caught COVID-19 in December 2021, and the following March he revealed he was still suffering the affects of the virus.

“So yeah, I’m one of the ones who came down with the ‘long haul covid,’” Navarro wrote in an Instagram post, as reported by NME.

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“Been sick since December and supposedly will be back to my old self in… nobody knows how long. If there are any of you who are still suffering long after your negative results, I’m just saying you aren’t alone,” he continued. “The fatigue and isolation is pretty awful but try to spend your time with the ones you love and stay creative. That’s how I’m trying to get through this thing. Also lots of spiritual practices, meditation and yoga have been very helpful. I’ll be OK, just don’t know when.”


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