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Danny DeVito gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a special cigar on the set of their 1988 film “Twins”.

DeVito visited the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” studios on Thursday to chat to guest host Nikki Glaser about his new show “Little Demon”.

Speaking about working with Schwarzenegger on the flick, he admitted there was a time he invited the actor back to his trailer for a cigar on their lunch break. However, DeVito hadn’t given Schwarzenegger a regular cigar.

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The “Matilda” star shared, “We come to my trailer. We smoke a stogie.

“I take the stogie that I’m going to give him and I stick a little weed in it.

“He smokes the stogie, smokes the weed. All of a sudden we’re walking back to the set and he’s holding on to me.”

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DeVito went on, “He’s great fun to work with, but stoned? He is like, whoo… Off the charts, baby!” admitting he struggled to say his lines after that.

A “Twins” sequel, titled “Triplets”, was reported to be in the works back in September. However, in February, the film’s director, Ivan Reitman, passed away, so production has been suspended for the time being.

Elsewhere in his “Jimmy Kimmel” chat, DeVito spoke about working at an amusement park, having fun on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and more.


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