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Dany Bonaduce is back to good health.

Appearing Monday on “Good Morning America”, the “Partridge Family” star opened up about battle a mystery illness since April, which had some serious symptoms.

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“I couldn’t walk at at all. I couldn’t balance. I couldn’t do anything like that,” Bonaduce said. “She looked really nervous. And she said, ‘You’re not saying words, you’re not speaking English,’ which of course is preposterous to me.”

He added, “We call an ambulance and [it] took me to the hospital where I remained for the first five days and remember very little of it.”


Talking about his battle with the illness, Bonaduce said, “I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t keep my balance. I slurred really badly. I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of my stairs for God’s sake — I was hoping for a diagnosis but did not get one.”

Though the cause of the illness remains a mystery, the actor has previously been open about his issues with addiction, including in the reality series “Breaking Bonaduce”.

Looking back, he said, “I’ve lived kind of a hard and fast life. And that’s how I think the people think of me: ‘Danny Bonaduce, nothing good can ever come of him.’”

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The actor is sober now, and ready to return to work after battling the illness for two months

“There was nothing that said this was gonna happen. Take time to consider your health and what you’re doing. Pay attention,” he told fans, adding that he’s grateful for the outpouring he receiving after sharing details of the illness on social media.



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