I challenge you today to talk more about the things you are thankful for. While waking up, speak out loud what you are thankful for: I am so thankful I woke up today, I’m so thankful I can breathe, I’m so thankful I have the ability start my day with a good mood.” When someone asks how you are doing, don’t let the first response be negative or have lack. Speak on things you are grateful for: “Hey! I’m doing well. I woke up today and had a cup of coffee. I even got to work on time. I’m excited to relax this weekend. I plan on reading a new book too!” I promise you can think of one thing you are grateful for. 🌸⁣
What I love about gratitute is when you start naming one thing you are thankful for you easily can name another and another and the list is never ending! 🤟🏾⁣
Comment one thing you are thankful for today! ✨


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