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Claire Foy wants a safe work environment.

The “Women Talking” star was on the latest episode of Entertainment Weekly‘s “Happy Sad Confused”, and she shared her frustrations about a scene she once shot with an elephant.

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“One thing that does really, really get on my nerves is things not being safe,” she said.

“Stunts — I can’t tell you the amount of situations I’ve been like, ‘No, it’s alright! You’re about to meet an elephant!’” she continued. “‘Doesn’t matter! You don’t need to meet the elephant before — just drive at it at high speed and get out of the car and meet the elephant!’”

Foy was referring to the 2017 period epic “Breathe”, co-starring Andrew Garfield and directed by Andy Serkis, about the real life story about globetrotting couple Robin and Diana Cavendish, whose lives took a turn when Robin was paralyzed by polio.

In the film, the couple travel to Kenya, with scenes shot at a South African game reserve with elephants.

“I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be okay with that,” said of the situation, “and now I’m being made to feel really uptight and high-maintenance because I’m quite scared of meeting a giant elephant.”

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She conceded, “Maybe I was a bit of a baby about it,” but reiterated, “But I was a bit like, ‘I feel like this is a bit unsafe, guys. It’s not a trained elephant. It’s just a random elephant that we’re driving up to.’”

Foy has brought the incident up in the past, telling the New York Times in 2017, “We had to drive at speed straight at the elephants and brake suddenly. I was screaming, ‘Oh my God, this is a bit, like, kamikaze isn’t it?!’ And Andy Serkis is like, ‘No, Claire, it’s fine, just hold my hand.’ Andrew Garfield is in the Jeep, being passive — like, ‘Come and sleep in the Jeep with me’ — and I’m just terrified. I nearly [lost it].”

The actress continued, “I could just see the headline: ‘Two actors die in a jeep after being charged by elephants.’ But then the female elephant smelled me, and that was it. She moved on, and it was an incredible experience.”


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