City crews repair potholes. Photo via @CityofSanDiego Twitter

San Diego city officials said Wednesday additional work crews will be dispatched to address a citywide spike in potholes that followed the recent rainfall in the region.

According to the city, “dozens of additional teams” will be assigned this week to make pothole repairs across the city.

While typically up to nine two-person teams are available daily to complete pothole repairs, the city says around 150 employees will be assigned to make repairs after the recent storms. City officials say the rainfall has increased the city’s daily average pothole reports from 200 to a backlog of more than 1,600.

“We are taking an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to filling potholes after the significant amount of rain we experienced recently,” said Eric K. Dargan, San Diego chief operating officer. “Our teams have been cleaning up from the storms and they will be out seven days per week filling potholes until we can get caught up on these repairs.”

San Diegans can report potholes on the Get It Done application or by calling 619-527-7500. The application can be downloaded at https://www.sandiego.gov/get-it-done.

City News Service contributed to this article.


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