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City and Colour (a.k.a. singer-songwriter Dallas Green) has just released the emotional new track “Meant To Be”, the first new music from City and Colour since the 2019 album A Pill for Loneliness.

As a press release for the new single explains, the single is Green’s response to a painful, life-changing loss when, in September 2019, he learned that his best friend, longtime City and Colour producer Karl Bareham, drowned while swimming off Australia’s Gold Coast while the band was on a break during an Australian tour.

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Green then had to identify his friend’s body at the morgue, a chilling experience remains with him.

“That was the hardest moment I’ve had in my entire life. It changed me forever,” he said.

Photo: Vanessa Heins
Photo: Vanessa Heins
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When he returned home to Canada from the tour, Green was still emotionally distraught when the global pandemic erupted, leaving him overwhelmed and struggling.

As he began to cope, Green hadn’t intended to write about the loss — in his heart and soul, in fact, he had no idea how he even would.

Then, one day a line suddenly came to him, “the sun kept on rising,” followed by a melody. Green wrote it down and stepped away because it was then that he knew he was on the correct path to honour his dear friend.

“Writing ‘Meant To Be’ turned out to be a much-needed pure and cathartic experience for Green,” notes the relase. “The song is a beautiful, heart-wrenching and fiery elegy that resonates deeply.”

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