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Spoiler alert: This story contains spoilers for the series premiere of “Claim to Fame”.

The series premiere of Kevin and Frankie Jonas’s new show “Claim to Fame” was eventful to say the least.

The show sees “celebrity relatives step outside their famous family member’s shadow and live together under one roof, concealing their identity and lineage in the quest for their own fame and fortune.”

The first episode which aired on Monday saw American martial artist and actor Chuck Norris’s grandson Maxwell Norris get kicked out of the house for smuggling in a phone, which isn’t allowed.

Kevin shared, “As you know, when you came to the house, we took all your devices to protect your identities, keep away information, to make sure the game was fair to everyone.

“And one of you has broken that rule. As you guys know, we take this very seriously. We want you to take the game seriously. This is truly a competition.”

Maxwell Norris. Credit: ABC/John Fleenor
Maxwell Norris. Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

“Why the hell would you cheat?” contestant Logan questioned, according to Yahoo!I’d be nervous to go home to my grandfather, and my grandfather ain’t even Chuck Norris. So good luck. Have fun, Max.”

Max has since spoken about his exit in a statement to Entertainment Weekly, admitting: “I have not told my grandpa that I will be on ‘Claim to Fame’.

“I’ll let you know when he does end up watching and share any reaction he may have to my brief appearance. Most kids don’t want to disappoint their grandparents, and no one wants to disappoint Chuck Norris!”

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Maxwell Norris. Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer
Maxwell Norris. Credit: ABC/Maarten de Boer

Kevin told USA Today he was informed of the cheating at the evening’s ceremony, revealing how it “threw us all for a curveball.”

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“It definitely wasn’t staged,” he insisted. “This person actually smuggled another phone in. It’s like, did you not see the 98 cameras just in your room alone? I don’t understand it.”

Admitting he thought it might jeopardize the whole competition, Kevin went on, “I actually thought, ‘Oh God, it’s all over. We’re going home. There’s no more show. It’s over.’ But luckily they had a plan.”

Frankie added that he thought, “Wait, this is great TV. This is awesome.”


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