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Christina Ricci is thrilled with her Emmy nomination but motherhood still comes first.

Ricci and her “Yellowjackets” co-star Melanie Lynskey received nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. News of her nomination was on the back burner as she recovered from mommy duties.

“My baby was teething really badly all last night.” Ricci tells ET Canada. “So I didn’t actually get to sleep really until five in the morning. So I overslept and my husband tried to wake me up at 8:40 to let me know I’d been nominated, but I chose to keep sleeping and then woke up later to like crazy amounts of texts and calls.

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“I didn’t realize that, you know, back in 1901 when I was nominated last, we didn’t do these phone call interviews after the nominations, you were just sort of surprised. So I didn’t realize that I had to do this.”

Ricci has already touched based with co-stars Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress.

“Melanie and Tawny were two of the first people to text me,” Ricci says. “Two of the first texts I missed while I was oversleeping. Two of the first people I wrote back. We’re pretty tight. We’ve all been in touch.”

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Ricci credits “Yellowjackets” out of the box approach to television programming.

“‘Yellowjackets’ is a kind of new feeling, very different original show,” she says. “That takes a lot of bravery and conviction. Sammy being a part of that show is sort of a very different character.

“We took a chance choosing to play her the way that we did or create that character the way that we did. It’s so wonderful to have this sort of validation and acknowledgment that we made the right choices. Myself and the creators of the show.”


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