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Chris Hemsworth is speaking out after his naked butt scene became the most replayed moment from the latest trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

“It was always my goal [from] the first time I played Thor with my shirt off,” joked the actor, while sitting down for an exclusive chat with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman. “The North Star was [that] one day it’s all going to come off.”

Chris Hemsworth Jokes About His ‘Dream’ Of Showing His Butt In ‘Thor’

Hemsworth continued, “If I ever did another one, we can’t take anything else off. It might be just fully clothed for the entire film, which would be shocking! It’s all down hill from here.”

The movie, which hits screens on July 8, has already been slated as one of the funniest films in the entire MCU.

“You know, the first time I read the script, I thought ‘this is the best thing I’ve read and it’s going to be a riot and the funniest experience,” recalled Hemsworth.

“You make the film and then you’re just full of nerves and anxiety… We found it funny, we found it emotional [but] is anyone else going to feel that way?”

He added: “To have the response we’ve had is is always a relief. It’s always a big thankful, gratitude-filled moment.”

Hemsworth’s co-star Natalie Portman also shared her views on the furor around Hemsworth’s naked scene.

Natalie Portman Recalls Hilariously Running Into Chris Hemsworth While Picking Their Kids Up From School 

“I think that was very clearly going to be a popular moment,” she said. “I think that was not a big surprise.”


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